Monday, March 11, 2013

Beat With Love

Product List:
Urban Decay eye Primer "Greed"
Urban Decay "The Vice Pallet"
Maybelline "Ultra Liner" in Brown
#47 Lashes
MAC Concealer NC35
NYX "Deep Brown"
NYX "Rose Pink"
MAC Dazzelglass "Sugarrimmed"

Ok so I Started this look by Priming my eyes with Urban Decays Primer Potion "Greed", it has a

 gold hue to it so i fealt that it really worked for this look. First I put my MAC NC35 concealer 

under my brow for highlight and I blended out if my finger Then I pulled out "The Vice Pallet" 

and put "Anonymous" on the inner corner of my eye then spread it halfway across the lid to 

later create a nice blending between the two colors, After that i grabbed a flat shadow brush and 

put "Penny Lane" across my lid also from "The Vice Pallet". I applied it heavily in the outter 

corner on my to make sure that the color really too before adding "Muse" to my crease. I made 

sure to apply this more then once and then continued to blend it out up almost to the brow. 

Sidenote: for a dramatic effect take "muse" up to the brow and then LIGHTLY reapply to 

concealer and blend it out with your finger like you did previously. After that I applied my #47 

lashes with layers of 4 different mascara's (info to come later). Then i took my angled brow 

brush and dipped it into my NYX "Deep Brown" to color in my brows while I let my mascara dry, 

once it did I then applied that same brown to my lower water line and stretched my lid and 

applied my Maybelline "Ultra Liner" in Brown over my top lash line. After my foundation, 

highlight and contour routine I colored my Lips in with NYX "Rose Pink" Lip Liner and applied 

MAC's Dazzelglass in "Sugarrimmed" over it. Video's to come soon... 

Well Thats All For Now


Love Always,

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