Monday, March 11, 2013

Come One and Come All And Welcome! To Love Always, Carmen

Ello Lovah's Hey, Hi How ya durin?!

                    So This is my first official post on 'Love Always, Carmen' and I have to say that 

I'm super excited! So I think I'll start with telling you all a little about myself and what this site 

will be about. I'm no one too special just your everyday Jersey girl with big dreams to escape

 this place and make a name for my self in a big city of some sorts. I have a dramatic flair for 

all things artsy and I love beauty with a passion (hair, makeup, fashion, lighting, photography 

etc.), I'm a striving makeup artist with big plans for the future in that area (so stay tuned) and 

over all weave enthusiast (there is no such thing as too much weave), ironically enough i cant 

spell for my life and i have the worst grammar possible for anyone with enough nerve to start a 

blog (don't judge me lol) so all you grammar nazi's should probably head out now, i'm 

somewhat... no I'm extremely short tempered and will use this as an outlet to vent my 

frustrations of the world but what can you do? I'm what you would call eccentric, highly 

motivated, highly energetic, extremely optimistic and an all around weirdo lol I also like to 

make up words or variations of other words, i like to drink white wine excessively and i'm an 

avid pot smoker.

Well on to the blog, On this blog you can expect to see some if not all of the Following:

Shameful Pleasures (weekly) - Ratchet acts, fights, terrible outfits

You Know What I'm Saying? - rants, annoying things, "thats that ish* i don't like"

Outfit Of The Day
Outfit Of The Night
Makeup Of The Day
Makeup Of The Night

Youtube (Unknown) Treasures - Random unsigned singers or amazing live performances

What's In Your Speakers?- Album and song reviews

Hair Time - Hair Tutorials
Beat With Love - Makeup tutorials

Head to Toe - fast forward hair, make up and getting dressed

Thirsty? Well Here's The Tea - Celebrity news

A Day In The Life Of Your Everyday Tranny - Rants and raves on acceptance, misconceptions and stereotypes that pelage the lives of the GLBT community

I Will be posting an intro video soon as well so stay tuned for that! I'm gonna work really hard 

at keeping you guys as updated as possible. So On That note I'm going to say TahTah for now 

but you can always follow me on everything else lol 

Instagram- l0veCarmen
(The "0" in l0ve is a zero NOT the letter o)
Twitter- @l0veCarmen
FaceBook- Carmen Lopez
Tumblr- LoveAlwaysCarmen

So there you have it. My first post, I feel like this is going to be the start of a grand old 


See ya soon Lovah's!


Love Always,

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