Friday, March 15, 2013

Thirsty? Well Heres The Tea Justin Bieber Lashes Out At The Press.

It is NOT A Good Day For Justin Bieber 

After going all white boy thug on some paparazzi in London earlier this week. 

He Took too his Instagram account to write this little duesy :

Everyone in my team has been telling me, “keep the press happy” but I’m tired of all the countless lies in the press right now. Saying I’m going to rehab and how my family is disappointed in me. My family is beyond proud, and nothing’s been said by them, my grandparents wouldn’t know how to reach to press even of they did want to so that was a lie and rehab cmon. if Anyone believes i need rehab thats their own stupidity lol I’m 19 with 5 number one albums, 19 and I’ve seen the whole world. 19 and I’ve accomplished more than I could’ve ever dreamed of, i’m 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning. I know my talent level and i know i got my head on straight. i know who i am and i know who i’m not My messege is to to believe. My albums could be about anything but my messages have been to never say never and believe, not to believe in me, but to believe in yourself .. I honestly don’t care if you don’t believe in me because I believe in me, and look where that’s gotten me so far..
I’m writing this with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Letting u know first hand how I feel rather than have these story linger. I’m a good person with a big heart. And don’t think I deserve all of this negative press I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and my hard work doesn’t stop here. i’m growing up finding myself while having people watch me and criticise me everyday i think im doing pretty damn good. And to those comparing me to Lindsey Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements

I was all about this statement until about halfway through... Sooooooo what 

does you being 19 and successful have to do with not going to rehab? If 

anything Justin is more likely then any typical 19 year old to have a substance

 abuse issue BECAUSE he's so successful! Thats point number one Justin tried

 and missed with, Point number two you claim to "know who you are and know

 who you're not" yet in the very next paragraph you claim to still be finding 

yourself? Mixed message much? Did you have no one proof read this little rant 

you decided to go on before you hit send? I'm an adult and I still ask my BFF to 

look at long rants I occasionally post to make sure I don't look stupid as Fu*k 

to the 800 followers I have now let alone releasing it to the entire universe to 

never be let go or forgotten. Then third and finally I missed the Lindsey Lohan 

comparisons but one thing I can almost guarantee is they ARE NOT comparing 

your finical statements! LMAO I seriously cannot with this kid smh you would 

think being 19, so grown, successful and "Worldly" he would be able to grasp 

and execute the concept of shade but alas I was mistaken. There was no need 

to come for Lindsey in that manner and what i'm sure he thought was a witty 

"Ah-Ha" to the end of his oh so insightful rant. It really just made him look

 mean and malicious, someone needs to muzzle that Chihuahua BEFORE he

 goes and fucks up all that hard work he put into his message of Belief and 


Not to mention this is the second reported incident of Justin going all White boy 

thug on the pap's smh lets hope for entertainments sake that this becomes an

 ongoing trend lol

Peep The Pictures

Well Thats All For Now


Love Always,

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