Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thirsty? Well Heres The Tea! Omarion Releases New Track "Paradise"

Omarion Releases New Track "Paradise"

Another day another artist trying to make a comeback and Today is no different 

as Omarion has proven. Today saw the release of a new track titled "Paradise" 

under Rick Ross's label Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros. Records. I'm not sure if 

this is a taste of what we can expect from the former boy band front runner 

but i certainly hope not. As a fan of "Maybach O" i was seriously hoping for a

 sense of growth and or diversity with this record. Firstly and fore most I truly 

just do not believe that Omarion is about this life, hoes yes, but face down ass

 up thats the way we like to fuck? I was hoping for not only some originality but

 may be some depth *Gasp* from an r&b star. The last thing the music 

industry needs is another "man" (and I do use the Term Loosely) running 

around with his boxers hanging out, 20$ of costume jewelry, the same dance 

moves he used in 2001, singing under 75 layers of auto tune about how this 

hoe or that hoe or all them hoes are gonna S-His-D all at the same time... I

 mean its a solid track but not at all surprising and without an amazing 

accompanying visual it'll do little to nothing to boost the project. Lets hope that 

the rest of the material from his second offering under the MMG umbrella "Love 

and Other Drugs" Is more worthy of note.

What did ya'll think?

On a separate note Big O is certainly putting in those hours at the Gym Sheesh

Well Thats All For Now


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