Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thirsty? Well Here's The Tea On Bridget Kelly Release's New Song: "Street Dreamin" Featuring Kendrick Lamar

Bridget Kelly Release's New Song: 

"Street Dreamin" Featuring Kendrick Lamar 

Today saw another release from R&B New comer Bridget Kelly with a track called "Street 

Dreamin" Featuring Kendrink Lamar. After giving it a few spins on the headphones my first 

impressions on the sing are good. Lamar's rap in the beginning is slightly annoying but the song 

would be lacking without it so i'll take it how it is. With a Mid Tempo, head boppin worth beat 

i'm feeling the over all flavor of the song and its message. I'm not completely sold on her as

 package yet but i'm willing to see where she takes herself in the future. 

Decide for yourself and tell me what you think.

Well Thats All For Now.


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