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Thirsty? Well Here's The Tea On Tweet Talks New Album, Reintroduction's and Missy Elliot With Vibe Vixen

Tweet Talks New Album, Reintroduction's and Missy Elliot With Vibe Vixen

It's been seven years since R&B Singer Tweet's fan base has last heard from her and even 

longer for the rest of us who long ago washed our hands of the singer and put her in our 'One 

Hit Wonder' file and moved our attention to far more worthy and interesting artists. But alas 

Tweet has decided to give it one more go with New album Titled 'Simply Tweet' and new single 

named 'Enough'. She very recently sat down with Vibe Vixen to share her thoughts on a variety 

of topics. Check it out...

VIBE Vixen: How’s the reaction been to your EP, Simply Tweet?Tweet: It’s been great. My phone is blowing up. People are really responding positively and I’m excited about it. I’m kind of at a loss for words, but I’m very excited about it.

Is it pretty much a preview for your upcoming album?Yeah. Kind of re-introducing myself to the music scene because I’d been gone so long. I’m giving [fans] a little taste of what they would expect if they were to come to a concert or anything like that. I just wanted to do a special little treat because they’ve been waiting so long. I just wanted to give them the definite that the album is definitely going to happen.

Can we expect a slow tempo throughout the album as well, or will it be a bit more upbeat?It’s a little bit of both: the acoustic sounding and the in-your-face lyrics. I’m just keeping it a mixture of everything but still keeping the essence of who I really am which is the harmonies and things like that.

Compare music from when you first came out to now.When I first came out, music was just open to different types of music. Right now, music for me is just on a one-track rollercoaster. I think we need to get back to where different types of artists and live instrumentation are appreciated. I’m not saying that people that are out now aren’t doing their thing, but I think we need to open the doors for more people that are into live music.

VV: Today, a lot of artists are expanding their brands into fashion and beauty lines. Do you plan on venturing into anything outside of music?T: Definitely. I really want to do a shoe line or hat line. I love hats! I want to make stuff for people that aren’t necessarily into red bottoms shoe or anything like that. It’s for people like me that like sneakers and jeans, a nice boot or whatever.

What type of advice would you give to probably someone who’d want to follow in your footsteps?Make sure this is what you want to do and that you’re passionate about it because it doesn’t come quickly. You have to work for it. Make sure you’re ready for it. Pray and make sure you keep God first with it all and never compromise. Keep your artistry and your art number one. If you don’t want to do a country record and somebody’s pushing you to do a country record, don’t do it. Just stay true to who you are and never stop.

Is that your story? You came out wanting to do your music your way and the way they were trying to brand you was something that you weren’t really feeling.
In a way, yeah. Honestly “Oops (Oh My)” was a mistake. I never really said I’d want to do “Oops.” I was riding in the car with Missy [Elliott], and she was playing some music that Timbaland did for her. “Oops” came on, I sung it and she was like let’s just re-record the record. They didn’t push me to do it but it just stuck. So I compromised a little bit on the first album. It just happened.

So what’s the relationship with Missy now?We’re still sisters. We still talk every now and again. We don’t see each other as much, but we still plan to do music together. We’re still tight.

What’s some of the best advice she’s given you?To be me. Missy always appreciated the fact that I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to sound like, and she embraced that. She trusted me. And the best advice was for me to do me and that’s what I did.

If you could pick one artist to follow in your musical footsteps.My daughter. She’s getting into the business and she’s very talented, so I would pick her.

See The Full Story Over At Vibe Vixen 

Check out "Enough" Below

At the risk of sounding harsh, I'ma need Tweet to get herself a clue. Now claiming that the very 

song that is the only reason why most of us even know who Tweet is in the first place was a 

mistake i cant seem to take her all that seriously. Granted 'Enough' is a solid track, its hardly 

single worthy, let alone a proper song to "reintroduce" yourself back into the music industry. My 

Main issue with Tweets interview is you cant really tell what direction she's trying to go in. If 

you want to be popular on the main stream side of thing she's doing it all wrong. 'Enough' Will

 get little to no airplay especially considering the sea of electronica dance music that now 

dominates the billboard charts and radio airwaves. If Tweet is content with singing 'Oohhs & 

Aahhs' in the back of some dark, crowded and smokey coffee house in ATL then by all means 

keep doing your thing mama's but an image revival is crucial to success when your coming out 

for a second try. Having no awards to her name and little writing credits (besides her own 

songs) to fall back on. I just do not see how she could even think about not using the most 

potent and promising weapon in her arsenal: Missy Elliot. With Missy backing her project almost 

guarantee's success and with millions of up and coming artists only dreaming to work with the

 legendary producer its almost a slap in the face to not have her by your side. 

No please do not get me wrong I am in no way, shape or form saying that tweet should not 

follow the beat of her own drum. nor should she conform to todays stereotypes i.e.: Plastic 

surgery, brainless rappers, never ending features and a crop field of colorful wigs and 

costumes. But in order to win the game you must first PLAY the game. Give the masses what 

they want THEN give them what you want. Ehh maybe i'm wrong but an uptempo song for the 

first single would have generated more of a buzz for the entire project but I am not one to wish 

failure upon anyone so here's to hoping Tweet does well for herself.

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