Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thirsty? Well Here's The Tea On "Freaks" French Montana Featuring Nicki Minaj Video

"Freaks" French Montana Featuring Nicki Minaj Video

"Put My Legs Behind My Head, I Hit The Ceiling With It... Big Fat Pussy Mufahsa"

When  I heard those lines I Nicki wasn't playing around with ANYBODY. Giving 

you an eye, arm and hand full of tittie with those pasties Nicki Minaj gave use

 Sex that was only matched by the lyrics she's was spitting. From her 

obnoxiously blonde lace-front to her equally obnoxious red pumps nicki was

 doing all the right things from head to toe. She has a special talent so 

exposing yourself seem more like a classy talent than degrading and or 

objectifying. The song depicted an Jamaican feel underground dance party and 

not being anywhere close to shy of the dance floor it was deff somewhere I

 would want to be lmao. The song has actually made me more of a fan on 

French Montana as well considering I only watched the video for Nicki, French 

made sure not to disappoint.

Long Live The Freaks!

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