Monday, March 11, 2013

Thirsty? Well Here's The Tea On Lana Del Rey Covers 'L’Officiel' With Undeniable Beauty...

Lana Del Rey Covers 'L’Officiel' With Undeniable Beauty

Say whatever you will about Lana Del Rey but there is one thing that you cannot deny... That 

the girl is stunning! I personally believe that she is one of the greatest Visionary's of our 

generation. Her videos are stories in movement being portrayed in a way most artists can only 

hope to come close to achieving. As if one needed anymore solidification take a look at the 

pictures below Photographed by Nicole Noland for the Paris magazine. Also below is my favorite 

Video by her "Ride". I Will admit her voice isn't something that WOWED me when my best friend 

first brought her to my attention when showing me "National Anthem" over the summer but 

what initially drew me to her was her captivating imagery and spellbinding visual concepts. I 

eagerly look forward to anything else that she brings forward with her debut album 'Born To Die

which has now reached the 3 million sold milestone.

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