Monday, September 16, 2013

SAY WHAT?! Britney Is About To Be Making That Money Honey!

As if she wasn't rich enough already,
Britney Spears is about to make B A N K!
 Well at Least according to TMZ

“TMZ is privy to the financial details of Britney’s deal.  The 2-year contract calls for 48 shows a year at Planet Hollywood.   According to the contract, Britney will earn $310,000 per show. 
By contrast, Celine does 70 shows a year.  Sources say she pulls in $476,000 a show … so she’s way ahead of Britney in the money department, but Brit gets more time off.
Britney’s cut of the gate is huge — projected sales per show are $508,514, meaning Brit will be snagging more than 60%.”

Being that big Britney Fan that I am hoping to see the show next summer.

Heres hoping Fans are getting what there paying for...

Love Always,

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