Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shameful Pleasures Fan Faints After meeting Rick Ross!

I for one am not a huge fan of said Rick Ross but it seems like i'm alone in that sentiment.

Ealier this week while Rick Ross and the rest of the MMG Crew were doing a promotional signing for Self Made Vo.3 A female fan ran up, shouted "YOUR SO SEXY!" then fainted to the floor!

Clearly shocked Rick Ross Went on to say 
"That Bitch is Crazy! Is she Alright? Is She alright? She Just Fainted"

Only a moment later found the woman jump up and say
"This ain't fake this is real." Blew a kiss and walked away

Although the MMG crew aren't above posting staged videos to garner press for upcoming albums, it sure is entertaining.

Check out the hilarity below!

Thats All For Now

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