Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's In Your Speakers? Ariana Grande "Yours Truly"

When I was first introduced to Airana Grande it was like most of you, Watching TV and randomly letting the show "Victorious" play. I thought she was adorable and her character was funny and fresh but I didnt pay much attention to her talent. I thought to myself 'Well this is Nickelodeon and this is a musical show about kids in a performing arts high school so they ALL have to be able to sing to some degree. Right? Right! Moving on...' I had no indication however as to just how talented Airana Grande really is! So when a few years later She released the song 'The Way FT Mac Miller' I was suprised to say the least and to find out that the song was written by none other then one of my favorite artists the multi talented, extremely beautiful, American Idol winner Jordan Sparks I immediately paid attention. Although I wasn't IN LOVE with the song at first listen, it (as most songs tend to do) grew on me. So I did my research, I watched an episode or two of Airana's new show "Sam and Kat" and youtube'ed, tumblr'ed and googled the heck out of her whole life. Finding out that this wasn't the first song she'd ever released didn't surprise me but what did surprise me was the fact that she was trying to launch a music career as a credible artist outside her Nickelodeon roots WHILE still having major ties to the network. It left me scratching my head saying "What are you doing Airana? Are you trying to be pop or R&B? Doing late night talk shows and rapping Big Sean yet pushing daytime TV with a kids sitcom and Mac Miller? Who's that and why doesn't he bathe? WHO IS YOUR MARKET?!" With her baby-doll dress's and young flirty hair styles I wasn't sure where Ariana was trying to fit in because as we all know you can't please everyone and in trying to do so (between the harsh mainstream adult industry and the unforgiving, always scrutinizing eyes of parents across the country) will only result in your own destruction. So to say I was apprehensive when I first listen to "Yours Truly" would be an understatement.

Honeymoon Avenue - Opening the album with a smooth mid tempo cut about A Love gone south hoping to get back on the right track in the way things use to be. I was pleasantly surprised that the song displayed her vocal abilities without being overly saturated with rifts and runs. 

Baby I - With this being the second single off the album I was taken by this song much faster then the first single. With an infectious chorus, bouncy beat and the possibility for it to be killer live this song deff caught my attention as soon as it was released. It also gave the "Bathroom Diva's" (like myself lol) room to maneuver vocally lol while the lyrics were cute but not overly cheesy.

Right There FT. Big Sean - With Big Sean's verse opening the song it immediately caught my attention as a stand out track among the others. As Airana sings about always being "Right There" for her man through his ups and downs its hard not to bob your head along with the infectious snaps and beats. By the Time Big Sean Returns If you haven't fallen in love with this song then you probably wont.

Tattooed Heart - Just as I thought I had her all figured out Airana hits me with this one. A Mid tempo cut worthy of being sung in the time of the poodle skirts, "Look out" mountain's, behive's and hairspray strong enough to double as crazy glue. "Tattooed Heart" is cute but thats about it.

Lovin' It - ehhhhh An album filler nothing more nothing less.

Piano - Piano is a good track on its own but i dont know how well it meshed with the rest of the album. Seemed more fitting for a 'Made for TV Musical' Then the album.

Daydreamin' - And back in time we go again with this cut but fortunately this particular song works much better with the over all sound of the album and as a stand alone track. Originally "Daydreamin'" was suppose to be the Title track for the whole album but fortunately enough for everyone that idea was scrapped before it could come full circle.

The Way FT Mac Miller- If you bought or took the time to listen to the album then you already know and love this song.

You'll Never Know - Form the moment the beat dropped I knew this song not only would be one of my favorites on the whole album but had single material all over it! Singing the "Shoulda, coulda, woulda's" to some unnamed sorry ex telling him now you'll never know what was going to be. Airing a ring of truth to a situation that almost ALL of us has been through this song without a doubt stands out as one of my favorites.

Almost Is Never Enough Ft Nathan Sykes - This slow jazzy duet is without a doubt the best track on the album and if just listening to it doesn't convince you then let the fact that is snagged a spot on the soundtrack for the next blockbuster "The Immortal Instruments" also gaining its own single treatment. Nathan Skyes Voice blends with Ariana magically reaching into a part of your emotions that you avoid and transporting you to that time and that place with that person that you just couldn't make it work with despite the love you both had for one another. Folks let me tell you they don't make music like this anymore and i'm so happy to be reminded what a REAL duet sounds like not just a feature from some random rapper or unnamed r&b artist on the hook.

Popular Song Ft MIKA - While Sampling "Popular" from the tony award winning musical "Wicked" pars in comparison to the original song, in any way shape or form.

Better Left Unsaid - Closing out the album with this high energy dance number was a good move. Ending the note on a song that could easily sit along the current greats along the pop charts. Ariana belts out "Just shut up and kiss me" which after the way this album has played out I would be more then happy to do.

Tracks To Listen Too:

Baby I

Right There

The Way

You'll Never Know

Almost Is Never Enough 

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Over all Gade:


Should you cop the album?:

This is one of the better release's of the year and would without a doubt make a great addition to any playlist. You can never have to much 'Feel good' music lol

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