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What's In Your Speakers? Album Review K. Michelle "Rebellious Soul"

Unlike most of today's urban population I am not a viewer of the popular Reality Show "Love and Hip Hop" ATL, NY or otherwise. Other then the occasional "As Ratchet as K. Michelle" reference or the now infamous "Don't shake the table unless your ready to get shook" line. I had no idea who K. Michelle even was and frankly when I heard she made music I figured she would be nothing more then a reality show gimmick that even with momentary success wouldn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things and let me let you know BOY WAS I WRONG. With Out of this vocals, southern charm and real life take on love and other issues K. Michelle has quickly earned a top spot among some of my favorite artists. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well then check out the first video I ever heard her sing below...

Then shortly after my discovery of this song V.S.O.P was released and I knew my love for her was nothing short of fate

Now on the the Review of Rebellious Soul

My Life - Showing just how multi faceted she truly is almost all the tracks on this album were co written by K. herself which gives each song an air a reliability. My Life is no different, talking about Sex, love, pregnancy and STD's K. Michelle Gives an accurate portrayal of the dangers and obstacles of navigating through love in todays world. 

Damn - Is the tale of an independent woman who's on her grind and has no time for "love" and all it's issues but much to her dismay a guy climbs her walls and gets all up in her emotions. "I'm Young, I'm Fine, I'm in my prime, This is not the time. To be sitting at home crying. While your ass is out here lying. Hang it up, you can stop your trying I'm giving up I'm done with love..." K. Michelle belts within the early portions of the song but later sings "Damn, I Love you but can it wait?" This is deff one of the stand out tracks on the album.

I Don't Like Me - Is the anthem for every side chick or jump-off that has gotten her emotions caught up in the situation. Talking about how she wishes she was the other woman the one that the man that she loves chooses to be with. Deeply moving and alarmingly honest I can see why this was chosen as one of the albums singles.

Can't Raise A Man - Is probably the realist song on the whole album! Talking about the type of "Men" many women and other men alike have encountered leting you know that there nothing more then "Grown Ass Boys" and to run for the hills. Because he wont change unless he wants too and if his own mother couldn't raise him right then what makes you think you can? oh yea you can't! without a doubt STANDOUT TRACK!

V.S.O.P - The first and most popular single off the album thus far and one of my personal favorites. Haven't heard it? well scroll on up!

Pay My Bills - UGH! Deffenitly for the grown and sexy K. Michelle Lays her vocals along this sexy track to talk about how her loving is about to be so good hes gonna wana pay all her bills. "Birthday sex on a regular day" I'm sure with a body like K.'s she gives the men what they want every time! Yet another STANDOUT TRACK

Sometimes - In this mid tempo Track K. sings about how love comes and goes sometimes the ones we love return sometimes they don't. "I should be praying for better things instead for a man who don't give a fuck about me!" One of the realist and deepest quotes off any other song on the album.

Ride Out - K. Sings to her lover about how he will regret the day when she finally packs up and leaves and even more so when she finds a man who will treat her the way she's suppose to be treated. One of K.'s favorite songs to sing off the album K. sings the songs almost every woman can relate too. 

Hate On Her - When you lover leaves you for another woman most women will hate on her to death but not K. Michelle. She wont even hate on her because at the end of the day he will do his new chick just as dirty as he did her so in a way she's saying " be my guest you can have him"

When I Get A Man - Probably my favorite track on the album because I myself relate to it the most. K. Sings about what it will be like to finally have a man that loves her unconditionally and how she will love him like she's loved no other before him. Being unlucky in love myself I completely understood where she was coming from with this as being in a loving committed relationship is one of my dreams for the future. As usual following the theme of the album K. gives women a song to express the words that man struggle to say!

A Mothers Prayer - K Sings to her little ones about how she loves them and never wants them to ever forget it. "No matter what people say... even when it hurts it will be ok." This song can easily be dedicated to any true friend or loved one as well. Genuine, loving, touching and honest K. brings the whole album home with this one.

From start to finish K. Michelle gave voices to the thousands of scorned men and women across the glob giving words to emotions most left buried beneath the surface. The self proclaimed "rebel" also brought light to man other issues by bringing about the hashtag #RebelAgainst as seen below...
Bring attention too many issues the fans actually care about like Homophobia, gun violence, anorexia, discrimination and many many many more. K. Michelle is doing what every artist before and after her should strive for, Using there platform to make a difference. I'm happy to have discovered K. Michelle the way that I have and look forward to more from her as time goes on.

Over All Grade:

Should you buy Rebellious Soul?
if your a fan of powerful voices, story telling, relatable songs and honest R&B then Rebellious Soul Is Definitely the album for you!

Well thats all for now

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