Friday, September 20, 2013

Whats On Your Screen? Solange Releases New Video For 'Lovers In The Parking Lot'

I seriously do NOT know where to begin...

I'll start with the good!
The hair was cute on her...
Some of the looks weren't T E R R I B L E

and that concludes that portion of this post!

but forreal though being Beyonce's kid sister you would think she would hire at least SOME of the people to work with her like stylists and choreographers but NOPE. I just don't understand how one sister can be a monster creatively and the other lack luster in every sense of the word! Did anyone peep those double platform shoes? no? was that just me? oh alright then!
That poor girl has absolutely NO rhythm what so ever at all! and i'm just over here like whaaat is happening on my screen right now?!
Girl you are NOT indie! you did not grow up in some sort of alternative life style. You've had money for aslong as youve been able to count it so i'm highly confused as to where your sense of "Style" if thats even the word i wan to use, comes from smh.

I'm sorry Maybe it's just I don't get her or something but give me her sister ANYDAY

Peep some of the stills from the video below

Thats All For Now

Love Always,

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