Thursday, October 3, 2013

Say What?! Drakes 'Nothing Was The Same' Sold How Much?

After a week of waiting the numbers are finally in!

Drakes Third Album Nothing Was The Same

Debut: #1

First Week Sales: 658,179

Well with this being his 4th album, 3rd consecutive to debut at #1 and Sales see itsales see it stand as the first and only Hip Hop effort to debut with traditional sales of over 600,000 units, and the second highest first week number after Justin Timberlake‘s ‘The 20/20 Experience‘ I Must say Congrats are certainly in order for da homie Drake!

Say what you want about this guy and his "emotions" either whay its clear

People ARE buying!

Go Drake!

Thats All For Now!
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Whats On Your Screen? Ciara Performs For The Grammy's

Ciara Stopped by The Grammy HQ to perform a few tracks for them!

She Deff Killed It!

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Legend CHER See's Highest Charting Solo Album Of Her Career!

Cher‘s latest album Closer to the Truth is now in stores and after its first week of sales she has earned her highest-charting solo album of her career on the Billboard 200!

The new album launched at number three on the chart and sold 63,000 copies in its first week. This is the first album for the 67-year-old entertainer since 2002′s Living Proof.

The previous highest debut for Cher was number four with her albumsBelieve in 1999 and The Very Best of Sonny and Cher in 2003.

Goes to show success can come at any age!


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Watch! MTV Special 'Miley: The Movement!'

Get More: Music News
Get More: Music News
Get More: Music News
Get More: Music News
Get More: Music News
Get More: Music News

Get More: Music News

Well I have to say that was extremely informative and despite what anyone says I love almost everything about Miley's new "Look". She proves she smart, driven, goal oriented and savvy. If these records are anything to go by Miley also has longevity down pact! I cant Wait till October 8th!

Will you be buying 'Bangerz'? 

What did you think of the Doc?

Let me know!

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Whats On Your Screen? Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' Video

The One and only RiRi set out to release the visual for 'Pour It Up' about 17,000,000
 months too late but i'm glad she released it any way lol

Check it out below...

One word 


But Ri Ri seems to be having fun lol

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Youtube Treasures! I'd Like To Introduce you to CeCe Graham

WOW, Just WOW!

Talented, Unique and Beautiful CeCe Seems to have it all under wraps.
Producing and arranging all her own music CeCe shows that one girl can do it all!

I love watching her videos and cant wait to see what she does next!
Kelly Rowland
Lauryn Hill

Are just a few of the hit artist that CeCe has tackled! I personally would love to hear her do K. Michelle or Beyonce! 

I got the chance to Listen to her mix-tape also which is genuinely amazing!
Particularly touching is her rendition of 'Dirty Laundry'
Where she talks about the straggles she's overcome thus far and the hardship she still faces daily.

y'all should deff take a listen I PROMISE you wont be disappointed!

 Subscribe to her Youtube

Follow Her On Twitter

Instagram: cecegraham

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For Her Beats & Hooks


You Can Also Download Her Mix-tape 'Crazy Sexy Cool' HERE

Let me know what y'all think

Thats All For Now


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Say WHAT?! Rihanna Got Bitches Twerking on Water in The behind the scenes of 'Pour It Up'

Rihanna is playing no games!

Check out the video!
I can't wait to see the finished product

I HATE that blond wig though smh


Love Always,

Whats on your screen? Britney Spears Releases 'Work Bitch' Music Video!

Britney Spears is back!

Hot Fashions, B O M B hair, Cute choreography and creative editing has Britney Spears looking better then ever!

The spark has officially returned and although I'm happy to see it I cant help but wonder

Is It Just This Video?

Have Director Ben Mor and Executive Producer Coleen Haynes done nothing more then edit away the sadness that has plagued all Britney Video's since her melt down?

No one can deny this is the best she's looked in years and that her body is finally starting to regain its original killer form but is it all smoke, mirrors and good editing?? 

For me the answer lies in her first Live performance of the song!

But for now I have my hopes up high and my fingers crossed!

Britney better Work Bitch!

Whats do y'all think?

Love Always,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whats In Your Speakers? Christina Aguilera Releases "We Remain" For "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Soundtrack

Just This Morning saw the release of the full version of Christina Aguilera's Track 
"We Remain"
For the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack
Take a listen Below

Its not her best work to date but I like it.

What do you think?

Thats all for now

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Check This Out! Rihanna Give Hilarious Interview with Alan Carr: The Chatty Man

Although some of her performances may be far from stellar RiRi gives good interviews when she wants too 

Check out what I mean below

Then She performed a shaky version of "What Now" Below

Wasn't terrible But she's seen better days...

Whats did you think?

Love Always,

Thirsty Well Heres Some Tea... Chris Brown Announces New Release Date For "X" Album

MMMM Yummy
So earlier today Chris released the date for his hotly anticipated upcoming album "X" on his twitter

Well that is certainly exciting! "X" see singles like "Fine China", "Love More" and "Don't Think They Know"! 

Heres to hoping the album was worth the wait and that it gets the credit it deserves regardless.

Dispite your feeling on Mr. Brown no one can say hes not one of the hardest working men in the bizz.

Chris also took this time to let his followers know this as well...


Are y'all excited for "X"?
Let Me know!

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Lady GaGa's "Applause" Certified Platinum!

Congratulation are in order for Lady GaGa!

Applause has gone platinum selling over a million digital copies since its release, making this her 11th millionth selling single since her debut in 2008!


Thats All For Now 

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Toronto Raptors Sign Drake on as there New Global Ambassador, 'Nothing Was The Same' Drake Album Review and New Video for 'Hold On Were Going Home'

Now y'all know that I'm a huge fan of Drake's Sexy yellow behind!

But I Shall Be Objective

Objective or not Drake has A LOT to smile about.

With the 2016 NBA all star game taking place in Toronto (Drakes Home Town) the raptors officially tapped Drake to be the teams Global Ambassador and host of the game!
 "I'm extremely passionate about two things: my city and my family. Being up here with my new family, these gentlemen, I'm extremely excited. Everywhere I go, I preach the gospel that is Toronto...I can't wait for All-Star 2016," he said. "I'm here always for the city." Drake Went On To Say “I’m really out here with the people, I’m in touch with what they want to see,” Drake said at a news conference Monday confirming Toronto as the 2016 host. “I really just want excitement for this team. I want us to be one of the biggest teams in the league.”

Not only that with "Hold On Were Going Home" Steadily climbing the charts Drake Released This accompanying video

Although I applaud Drake for giving us yet another cinematic video and not continuing on the l trend as most of his predecessors and competition with nothing but bitches money and drugs. With that being said I have to say something about the overall feel of this video came off a bit inauthentic. set in Miami in 1985 gave an old vice feel The video is good for what it was but what I didn't understand was why ASAP Rocky got a whole monologue in the beginning?! I too wish he wasn't so damn ugly either LOL I just don't see Drake being about "That Life" and although it wasn't intended to imply that he WAS about that life. something about the video didn't quite work for me.

 Nothing Was The Same 
Standout Tracks

From Time - Ft. Jhene Aiko- " I Love Me, I Love me enough for the both of us. Thats why you trust me, I know you've been through most of us. So what are you, what are you so afraid of? Darling you, you can give but can not take love..." Sing's Jhene Aiko in the beginning of this mid tempo number being that she's the first collab on the album thus far her voice comes as  a cool surprise. Drake then goes on to rap about how having unlimited romantic options isn't always the best thing. Forgetting what kind of woman he wanted in the first place Drake takes us on a trip down memory lane with whimsical quips and a killer beat.

Hold On, We're Going Home- Boasting a beat and a tempo unlike anything else on the album its not hard to see why this is a stand out track.

The Language - With a haunting Melody Drake flex's another muscle on this track boasting not only his rap skills but his money, cars and women. "She Just wana Smoke and fuck, I said 'Girl thats all we do.' Ok, Now your talking my language, Now your talking my language..." with one of the catchiest hooks on the album I deff was feeling the swagger on this whole track.

305 To My City Ft Detail - One thing you can't say is that Drake doesn't make music for the ladies! "Your Hustle Never Goes Unnoticed Baby I'm With You, I'm With It..." Drake makes every female feel like he's speaking directly to her. Congratulating her on always staying on her grind and out doing these pimps cause "Numbers Don't Lie To My Baby..."

Too Much Ft Sampha- In this personal track drake talks about how "Nothing Was The Same" in his life or with his family. Speaking about his mother and uncle how they got complacent with the life hes provided for them. New comer Sampha sings a haunting a chorus telling drake not to think about the things you cant change too much. Drakes more personal songs are always some of his best work to date.

Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music Part 2 Ft Drake - As Far as this albums line up goes This song is a deff stand out but against his pervious works especially "Light Up" from 'Thank Me Later' Its a little more then mediocre.

Come Thru- Drake puts his game on full blast as he tries to convince some girl to ditch her responsibilities and to come thru. Well Let me just leave it at this..... I Would came thru best believe lmao

All in all this was a solid showing by drake but not even close to the epicness that was "Thank Me Later". 

Over All Grade

Should you Cop "Nothing Was The Same"?

If your a fan of his previous work then you wont be disappointed with this showing.

Well Thats All For Now

Love Always,

Whats On Your Screen? Miley Cyrus Covers Rolling Stone, Endorses Drugs and Releases video for '#23' Ft Mike Will Made, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J

Miley Cyrus Is On FIRE ya'll!

Don't Know What I Mean?

Well Check out the video below

Miley has never looked better! like ever! honestly I wasn't a huge fan of the song until I saw the video and became completely obsessed!

Style, Swag, Fashion sense or  a good stylist, what have you Miley Cyrus is using it out of every pore! rocking nothing but J's and miniskirts Miley owns every scene she's in and commanding attention showing that she's no longer the little girl that grew up on the Disney Channel. I think Jordan going to cut her a check pretty soon because there sales are about to skyrocket! I thought Khalifa's versus a little weak but overall it went with the theme of the song. I never knew Mike Will Made it to be a rapper but I respect his craft as a producer and I am willing to listen some more of his stuff if he ever decides to release anything.

This video gets *****
from me!

Moving on

I'm feeling the cover but the interview not so much... Not sure what i mean? peep this 

“One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon. Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And Molly, too. Those are happy drugs – social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You’re out in the open. You’re not in a bathroom.”
“I really don’t like coke. It’s so gross and so dark. It’s like, what are you, from the ’90s? Ew.”

What do ya'll think?

Love Always,